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Ph. +33 (0) 4 68 56 54 22   Mobile: +33 (0) 6 12 29 52 59   E-mail: info@medandmountain.com


As a bilingual team living in France, we are very well placed to give you whatever assistance you need, whether it be property-related or not.
Contact us i
f you'd like some help with any of the things listed below,
or anything else you can think of!

Property buying support
If you have already found a property with another agent, we can still accompany you through the buying process, giving you complete peace of mind. You can be sure that while dealing in an unfamiliar country, language and legal system, whatever needs to be done during the purchase process is done at the correct time and with the minimum of hassle for you.

We will provide everything you need to make your purchase as pleasurable and hassle-free as it should be!

Other property-related support services

We also offer an additional service for those needing assistance with matters not directly related to the purchase process. This could include anything from liaising with architects regarding planning permission applications to acting as a translator with builders or other workmen collecting quotes and the like.



Anything else you can think of!

If you're not a confident French speaker, or if you could just do with some help to understand the way things are done over here, then we're there for you no matter what it is. Matters that we've helped with in the past include assistance with:

  • Understanding and paying bills
  • Doctors and vets appointments
  • School registration
  • Banking
  • Applying for a loan
  • Setting up a French business
  • Dealing with accountants
                                         etc etc etc...















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The Med and Mountain Team
Ph: +33 (0) 4 68 56 54 22
1 Rue St. François de Paule
66000 Perpignan, France 

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